Episode 1: Rosemary Chicken with guest Marion Carruthers - On this episode, I’ve invited my friend Marion into the kitchen for some oven roasted rosemary &Read More
Episode 2: Beef Goulash with guest Kraig Schwartz - On this episode, Kraig Schwartz visits and learns about the role of a gigantic pepperRead More
Episode 3: Orangette Chocolate Cake with guest Nancy Moreau - Nancy is my guest on this episode. She will be tasting a Provence inspired dessert:Read More
Episode 4: Adult Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Mayor Jeff Lehman - This episode is rated “Adults”:  City Of Barrie, Mayor Jeff Lehman, will taste “grown-up-style” grilledRead More
Episode 5: Protein Powered Salad Meal with guest Shawn Charlebois - On this episode, I welcome Shawn Charlebois from Barrie’s Kettlebell Club who finds out how superblyRead More
Episode 6: Potato Bacon & Apple N’ Nuts Edible Roses with guest Christine Jarvis - On this episode: Roses are red… well not today! Ester invites her friend Christine into theRead More
Episode 7: Chicken & Eggplant Parmesan, Butter Spaghetti & Arugula with guest James Moreau - On this episode, I invite my friend James who is offered delicacies he can’t refuse: not just one, butRead More
Episode 9: Meaty Beef and Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers With Guest Jennifer Gordon - Love Quinoa? Hate Quinoa? It’s so good for us. Watch how you incorporate this mineralRead More
Episode 10: New York Steak & Vegetables With Guest Melanie Case - On this episode, I invite my friend Melanie Case. It’s not just a vegetarian’s delight, but will make youRead More
Episode 11: How To Make Six Meals Out Of One Chicken With Guest Nicole Schwarz - On this episode; One Chicken – Six Meals ! This 1/2 hour show will just be enoughRead More
Episode 12: How To Make a BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich With Guest Glenn Coulson - On this episode, Ester takes Glenn Coulson on a culinary backyard BBQ adventure.
Episode 13: How To Make Stuffed Pattypan Squash With Guest Dave Blezard - On this episode, Pattypan Squash is the main actor. We’re going to stuff them, bakeRead More
Episode 14: Esters Kitchen Holiday Special with Guest Jeff Cunningham - “Pascades” ….. a simple and impressive way to treat your holiday guests to an unusualRead More
Episode 15: Christmas Side Dishes with Liz Grummet - Christmas dinners are food highlights! Don’t be boring with your side dishes. Bring some magicRead More